Criminal Pride

by Coralee and the Townies

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Debut album from Coralee and the Townies
Released September 9, 2014 by Coralee and the Townies


released September 9, 2014

All songs written by Coralee and arranged by Coralee and the Townies

Coralee and the Townies are:
Coralee: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
David White: drums, percussion
Fred Sexton: steel and electric guitar
Lee Carroll: piano, organ, accordion
Scott Wilmoth: upright and electric bass
Smith Donaldson: electric guitar

Out of Townies/Frequent Guests (on select tracks):
Robby Cosenza: all percussion, drums, harmonica, backing vocals
Justin Craig: introduction piece to Night Song, acoustic and
electric guitar, Wurlitzer, dulcimer, piano, ukelele, ebow
Duane Lundy: acoustic guitar
Seth Murphy: cello

Produced and Mixed by Duane Lundy with Coralee
Engineered by Duane Lundy with assistance from J. Tom Hnatow



all rights reserved


Coralee and the Townies Lexington, Kentucky

"Coralee and the Townies are a Lexington, Kentucky based band of a genre they’ve self-defined as Honky Tonk Soul, and it’s a fitting description, as the sextet whoops and weeps with traditional authenticity and contemporary energy, with Coralee’s husky vocals front and center and the Townies providing a righteous, raucous rootenanny soundtrack around her." ~Brian Baker (CityBeat) ... more

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Track Name: Night Song
Night Song

Tried to drink the night
and it feels like I’m black inside
Won’t you help me out?
and show me where I’m from
Seems I lost the light
and it feels like I’m right behind
where I started out
I might have jumped the gun
and it feels like the bullet may have won

Think you know what’s right
and it feels like it’s right on time
Stars align somehow
You think you got them hung
Set to let in light
and it feels like it might just shine
on you finally now
You think you caught the sun
and it feels like you’ve got the only one

Not an end in sight
and it feels like my hands are tied
and I’m falling now
The night has come undone
Begging for a line
and it feels like a pantomime
Can’t hear me callin out
I think my song’s been sung
and it feels like I’ve only just begun
Track Name: Bird and a Bee
Bird and a Bee

I wanna believe in that one thing
that they always say makes birds sing
on a rainy day
Oh, why do I need your sweet sting?
You’re just a bee in this thing
I can’t say

I wanted a taste
I climbed your tree
Was easy to find
You left thick trails of honey for me
Said I would just love and leave you
the way that I knew the rest to
Said I won’t stay

But now I can’t sing I can’t fly
cause I fear the things bigger than these
Who knew such a web could be spun
by a bird and a bee?

The feathers they fall all around you
and I couldn’t leave if I tried to
Believe that I’ve tried to

The tales of the birds and bees, babe
Could never prepare me for this thing
Track Name: Song of Blue
Song of Blue

I don’t wanna hear a song
of bluebirds flying home
I don’t want to think of happiness I’ve known
I’ve just lost the love I’ve known
in my most tender years
Won’t you sing one to the falling of these tears?

It’s a rare thing to come along
a love that feels like home
and coming home feels like you’d never gone
I came home to love last night
like a thousand nights before
but today I watched my love walk out the door

These falling tears
One for every year of loving you
I’ve loved you for so long
Like a bird you’re flying on
but you left the blue at home
and I’ve fallen from the cloud you had me on

When a love leaves you for gone
it seems the sun withdraws
and you pray a storm will come to wail for you
And you try to drink the night
so your heart don’t feel so black
when loving turns to hurting so damn bad
Track Name: Hot Minute Thing
Hot Minute Thing

I died five times over - five years ago
It was my baby who killed me
he put me down slow
Always breaking my heart and needing to go
and then sending me tapes
singing about heartache
and wailing my name in his tired tremelo

I know these things are looked down on by some
But two in the bush is the better
when you’re talking turtle doves
And I know a girl should be looking for love
But there’s no harm in a minute
when it’s hot and you’re in it
and it’s easy to come and it’s easy to go

Now I know some delight in the falling
They say that it’s love makes a home
But it seems that my house it is haunted
I’m not sure if it’s him or it’s me that’s the ghost

So I’ll never be your Josephine, your Jolene,
or your Rosalee
So don’t you go believing
a thing that you’re feeling
This won’t be going too far
won’t be no casualties
Cause there’s no spring for my cold heart
it’s just a hot minute thing
and I won’t be like the rest are
or your Rosalee
Track Name: Low Down Love
low down love
Tonight I came here to bury us
and our down low for being low love
What good is there in this love affair
that nobody but us can know of?
One more time I will lay in your arms tonight
Tomorrow this bed will be dark and cold
cause tonight I came here to bury us
way down low like this loving we've done

I’ll cover our graves with our memories
They’ve been silent and been so disguised
So no one will know and the scars they won’t show
on the earth or the look in my eyes

Take me tonight up into the clouds
where our love is the kind that grows old
And no one gets bruised by the touches we take
And no one would deny us our love

One more time I will lay in your arms tonight
Tomorrow this bed will be dark and cold
cause tonight i came here to bury us
way down low like this loving
oh, the loving we've done
Track Name: Cautionary Chorus
Cautionary Chorus

Well, I told you that I think you’re an ass and brain lazy
and I told you that I’ve been on the creep
I drove you all the way to the big time baby
and I dropped you there in one fell sweep
And I’m grieving every night down out the bar now, honey
Drinking like I need it to breath
Sitting waiting for the feel of you behind me
heavy and smelling your whiskey sweet
Oh Lord, we can’t be wise
and in love at the same time

Now the boys behind the bar make me feel like a kitty
all talking up and over at me
But they got the nitty gritty from the dirt committee
Don’t give me no sympathy
And I go home every night feeling sorry, honey
Singing bastard poetry
Kindof howling at the moon like I’m lost and itty bitty
in a shitty that doesn’t sleep
Oh Lord, we can’t be wise
and in love at the same time

I sold my soul to the mercenary fortune telling lady
and the cards were screaming read em and weep
Said your love was temporary talkin real cautionary
It was more than I could take
And the truth is I was true don’t know why I lied to you
If there’s and ass around, well, that’d be me
Seems my heart let you in her and I got the nervous shivers
worked my brain into my feet
Oh no, we can’t be wise
and in love at the same time
Track Name: Criminal Pride
Criminal Pride

By my own lights, after the dust clears
Armed to the teeth and then some
No, I wont cry
When it’s all over but the shouting
all the better all the same all for pride

They may ask me how I came to being so holy
They may ask me how I fell so behind
And I’ll tell them, I won’t fake it
How my world got so shaken
and I outlawed the name of my love
for criminal pride
Track Name: Tempest Winds
Tempest Winds
I’ve been making through my days without much vigor
And the evening’s been the picture of my soul
Gray and filled with restless consternation
A pressing darkness that I can’t pretend to know
And I feel the weight of my humble world upon me
And the burden of this bright light I must hold
to the candle of illuminated plans so close at hand
A condition of my own design, I know

And the devils drum their roll as I make out now
And the lords of erudition drill their holes
From a prison to a dream
I’ve been paroled to make quick of
So there isn’t any time to follow rules
And I know that I’ve not earned the right
to one of these demands
And I know that I’m not making any friends
And I revere the calluses of working hands
their mortal brands
But I can’t make up for the time I spent a fool

Cause this is the thing
this is the thing, this is the thing
And it’s the same
it is the same
Don’t you know it’s the same?
So I don’t need to climb your ladders
I just need to soar
And the tempest winds are beating on my door

So if I lash out won’t you forgive the burn, please?
I am giving every end of me I can
And it’s not two and three
It’s four and five and six and more
But I’m sure my wits can stand the coming winds
So find me on that morning standing naked
And casting all my guilt out into them
If I’m not there don’t wait for me
Because I won’t be coming home
If they’ll have me
I will carry on with them
Track Name: Trainwreck Town
Trainwreck Town

Never was a hitcher and I never hopped a train
but all my favorite country songs
they talk about these things
And there’s a classic country thing to which I can relate
All the train wrecks all around this town
I see most every day

But I’m feeling optimistic this time I might settle down
Feeling optimistic we're gonna blow the roof
right off this town
Been on this same barely go round
for so long all the people’s faces look the same
and I’m a round from my own tumble down
Track Name: Always Darlin
Always Darlin,

Always darlin do this always honey do that
If you’ll give me some lovin
I’ll give it right back
All the time
Always callin my name
Well I’m tired of workin so hard for your lovin
I think that it’s time that you get up
and give me something

Always wanting of this always taking of that
But I’m needing of things
You forget about that
all the time
Always waiting in vain
Well I’m tired of getting your last thought
and sitting and wondering when I might sneak off
and get me something

All the time always calling my name
All the time always waiting in vain

Oh, won’t you try this, babe?
Yeah, I’m beggin for that
If you’ll look for my buttons and push em
I’ll love you for that
I’ll be calling your name

Well I’ve given you this and I’ve given you that
Even gave you my heart
but I’m wanting it back
all the time
Always causing it pain
Always hurting and breaking
for more of the same
And I think it might one day just get up
and give up on me

I’ve given you this
and I’ve given you that
But I’m thinking it’s time I was taking it back